From the beginning of October passengers in Ljubljana city buses can follow the new “outfit” of next stop announcements on display screens.

The screens are divided into three fields in their appearance. The first field is next stop announcement, which is followed by second field with informative and commercial content and the third field with two major banners. The purpose of the last, third field is to inform passengers with daily content such as free student jobs, horoscope, on this day, did you know, joke of the day and urgent messages of the city transport provider.

What’s new?

Next stop announcement has so far been followed by passengers in black, and the new structure in the white background gives passengers a better overview of the sections, as the announcements will be more prominent and better pronounced, and so adapted to those who see it less.

The field of next stop announcement is divided into two parts – the next stop announcement and the current possible passages with time data, which remains the same, regarding good passengers responses.