Ski jumping competitions are one of the most watched sports competitions in Slovenia. The last competitions in the season take place in Planica, where thousands of sports enthusiasts gather each year. This year, around 58,400 fans gathered in all three matches, and those who did not manage to watch the live competitions could have watched them by live broadcast on the bus.

First live broadcast

Zavarovalnica Triglav, the annual Planica sponsor, tries to make ski jumpings as close as possible to those who can not see the matches live. This year, in cooperation with Zaslon, they came up with an innovative idea and organized the first live broadcast of ski jumps on the bus. On a special “Triglav bus”, passengers could see all three competitions that took place in Planica.

In three days, the Triglav bus carried out a direct transfer on the Črnuče – Dolgi Most line, and the passengers could watch the competition for full two hours, as the program lasted before the competition and a competition with the award at the end of the season in ski jumps. At the time of the broadcast, the transfer was seen by as much as 30% of passengers carried on that day.

The positive reaction

The specialty and euphoria in the last competition of the ski jumps of the season were also intended to approach the passengers on the bus. The live broadcast response was phenomenal, as the passengers were happy to follow the competition and enthusiastically cheered for our eagles. The boring route on the bus thus enriched the positive atmosphere and the passengers could feel like they were in the home armchair and in front of television. Both the young and the older passengers enjoyed the transfer.

Considering that the final competition in ski jumping in Planica is one of the more visited competitions in Slovenia, some Slovenians have never seen a live event before. Zaslon in cooperation with the Zveza prijateljev mladine and LPP, took children to see qualifications in Planica. You can read more about their excursion here.