From the beginning of May we started to display new informative content on the screens!

Informative content

The content on the screens consists of a minimum of 50 % of informative content and a maximum of 50 % of commercial content. Informative contents are all news informative nature and are divided into different sections, such as city news, fresh daily news and weather. So far, the provider of daily content was 24ur, and the new one is SIOL.NET.

On the screens you will now be able to track all the sections you are used to using from the portal. You will also be able to see the sections in the typical colors of the portal, such as Sportal in greenish shade, Trends in red shades, Slovenia, World, and Digisvet in blue shades, Business today in dark gray shades and Automoto in light blue shades. You will also be able to monitor the content that is being broadcast in the Planet TV section, where you will be able to keep up with all the latest news from the television world, and what’s new on Planet TV.

The content (commercial included) is condensed into a 15-20 MINUTE MEDIA PLAYBACK, which is repeated throughout the period of bus operation, or 4 TIMES PER HOUR, at a MINIMUM OF 50 REPETITIONS PER DAY.


In addition to the new content and color provider, you can also monitor the new weather format. Weather shows current and daily temperatures, a symbol of weather and a feeling of outside temperature for Ljubljana, as well as the weather for three days in advance. There is also a new scale at a temperature that graphically indicates how hot / cold it will be on that day.