Zaslon in the city buses of Ljubljana passenger traffic operates primarily for information purposes such as daily news, the column “City news”, the weather, etc. The network of screens in Ljubljana covers 135 buses, with as many as 380 screens. One of the three-screen buses took the HRS (Heavy Rescue Slovenia) into a very special show.

What is HRS?

HRS is an abbreviation for Heavy Rescue Slovenia, which is the largest firefighting training and first mediators in the field of technical rescue from road accidents in this part of Europe. The HRS team consists of a group of firefighters and internationally recognized instructors in the field of technical rescue. For eight years, Slovenia has been preparing various seminars and training on the topic of technical rescue. This year, the 6th training named “Heavy Rescue Slovenia” took place on 6 and 7 April 2018 in BTC Ljubljana. The event offered a steady education system and some important novelties and additions.

Heavy Rescue Slovenia - bus (1)

In this part of Europe HRS is the largest such training. So far, the team has successfully gained international reputation, as training, in addition to Slovenian firefighters, is increasingly being attended by firefighters from Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The theoretical training on screens

The training of technical rescue of road accidents took place on both days. The participants of the training were initially learning the theoretical knowledge that took place on the bus. There they learned about the all key elements that they need to know about rescue. Apart from the foreign instructors who interpreted the content, all the presentations were carried out exclusively on the screens on the bus. The bus became a classroom, and the screens were a board or projector. In this way, the content was demonstrated in an innovative way, but it was especially important that the content was shown visibly to all participants in the seminar. Due to the position of the display screens on the bus (two front and one at the back of the bus), the participants were able to see the screens clearly, wherever they sat.

Heavy Rescue Slovenia - bus (2)

Basically, training was prepared for members of fire brigades, because the tools, equipment and tactics were basically intended for firefighters. However, as there are many other important rescue services in the real situation at the place of the accident, others were also invited to the course. Regularly, rescue workers, doctors, soldiers, and police officers can also participate as instructors or trainees.

After theoretical training, the participants also faced practical training, which took place on the polygon next to the bus. They encountered various examples, such as carriage of a person in a vehicle or a bus, cutting cars with special tools, etc. All practical training has so far been carried out on old vehicles, but now the participants, for the first time in Slovenia, had the opportunity to test knowledge, approaches and tools on completely new vehicles.

Heavy Rescue Slovenia - bus (3)

In addition to the training, a firefighting fair was held for visitors, where visitors could purchase the Weber Rescue and Heavy Rescue article fan. In addition to the fair, a symposium was organized, which was organized together with the Fire Brigade of Slovenia and 3rd meeting of Scania firefighters.

Watch the video educational guide HERE.