In 2015, Ljubljana was one of the first cities in the world to start using digital paper technology for the digital display of passenger information. These are environmentally friendly displays, which we have now been updated, and equipped on four bus stops in the city center of Ljubljana.

New technology: E-PAPER

Two displays are located at the “Ajdovščina” stop, one at the “Pošta” stop and the last display at the “Konzorcij” stop. With the modernization of displays in cooperation with Ljubljanski potniški promet, we switched from manual to automated timetable scheduling.

Display with e-paper technology

In addition to schedules, we enabled the display of other content, such as current city and public transfer news, and established a realistic dynamic display of the arrival of buses to the bus stop. Timetables are changing every hour showing the driving insights for the current hour and 4 hours in advance.

Electronic paper is a type of display that consumes very little energy for its operation. Only battery used to charge with solar cells is required. The content on the screen is also very visible in strong sunlight.