From the beginning of July, passengers on the screens in the city buses of Ljubljana passenger traffic can accompany a new, improved next stop announcement. So far, they have been able to monitor possible transfers at the approaching stop, and now there will be more useful information on the intended site.

What’s new?

The next stop announcement will display two information that will be displayed on the screens every 15 seconds. The first information that passengers have been able to track already, is the option of switching to the next stop, including the timing of each line. The new information that can be monitored is the announcement of the next stops.

This way they will be able to follow which two stops, the direction of travel, and the end of the line on which you will ride. The following stops shown will be given the name and time of arrival of the bus to the final stop.

Next stop announcement

The display of the next stop will be adjusted according to the bus route per line to the final stop. In addition to the latter, information will also be provided on how long the passengers take to the end station or, turning points.

The clock is back!

The new next stop announcement is at the top of the screen and is visually divided into the left and right sides. The first part, which is static, shows the line on which the bus is, and the current time, while the other has changing information on the following stops and possible transitions.

Before the launch of the first next stop announcement, only the clock appeared on the screen. When we introduced the next stop announcement, the responses of the passengers were extremely positive, they reported that they miss clock on the screens. Therefore, an hour was added when the next stop announcement was upgraded.

Check how the new next stop announcement works in the video above.